Submissions are easy. Just email me at All I ask is for 300-500 words about your tournament experience and a HD pic at least 780 pixels wide so we can feature your article on the front page. That’s it. You’re done. Submission of content, written or as images, constitutes the fact that you give me permission, and that you have the permission of everyone depicted or mentioned to publish submissions. Submission guidelines: When covering tournament games please focus on description of the ebb and flow of games.

Content should be 500 words or less.  Submit original photographs. Do not reduce your image resolution.  We reserve the right to edit materials (slightly). We are high on positive motivation.

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We value your submissions.

  • By Players, milestones, media, CIF and High Performance recognition, etc.
  • By Parents, congrats, well wishes, love of the game
  • By Coaches, special recognition, club news, deadlines
  • By Teams, stories, results, goals
  • By Clubs, tournament results, college commitments, new coaches, facility news, etc.

Thank you.


One response to “Submissions

  1. Hi Martin, I met you at the last two 14’s qualifiers and you asked that i send you some of the pictures Ive been taking from our TCA 14 1’s team. Id love to send you some but not sure how to do so. Can you tell me if there is a way to upload them or should I just email a few to you. Thanks, Kim Maurel

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