SCVA 15s Ready For “Mandatory Madness”

Powered by togetherness. SVVC 15-Elaini. (The team photo, L-to-R; 15-Gabby Benck, 3-Jordan Ferrari, 11-Emilie Liu, 4-Bergen Gubernick, 5-Lauren Braden, 7-Bri Southworth, 18-Shae Diaz, 15-Hannah Holder, 12-Emily Johns and 9-Emma Griffith.)


With thanks: Anonymous parent SVVC 15-Elaini.

When “Chemistry” and “15-year-olds” are in the same sentence, you might think of a high school class, or a periodic table. If you‘ve seen SCVA’s SVVC 15-Elaini play, then you immediately think of “Chemistry” as a combination of energy and matter with an unwavering faith in team that so far has produced unexpected, and even sometimes explosive results.

SVVC 15-Elaini began the 2013 SCVA 15’s campaign as the #19 overall seed, and is turning heads sweeping through three qualifying tournaments without dropping a set. Coupled with a 15’s-best 2.14 point percentage in Qualifier 3, SVVC 15-Elaini climbed into the #1 overall seed position heading into SCVA Mandatories. This very tall, deep, and experienced team is defensively scrappy with a pair of 5’9” Libero’s, Emilie Johns and Lauren Braden. Offensively, the team is powered by Middle’s Hannah Holder (6’), Gabby Benck (6’1) and Bri Southworth (5’11”), and Outside’s Shae Diaz (5’10”), Bergen Gubernick (5’10”), Emma Griffith (6’1”) and Emilie Liu (5’8”). The team’s quarterback is Setter Jordan Ferrari (5’11”), who is playing in her 6th Club season. Jordan won the Open Division Silver Medal at 2012’s USAV Junior National Championships setting and playing Opposite for SCVA’s #1 ranked, and USAV’s #2 ranked TStreet 14-Mike.

Sunday at Anaheim Sports Center on Court A1, SVVC 15-Elaini will look to remain unbeaten and defend the top seed in Mandatory 1 against #8 West VB Nike Elite, #9 Baja 15-1, and #16 Seal Beach 15-Marcelo. Pool play starts at 8am. Jump in.

Hanna Holder (l), Jordan Ferarri (r) SVVC 15-Elaini

Hanna Holder (l), Jordan Ferarri (r) SVVC 15-Elaini


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