SCVA 14s Get SET For Mandatories | No pun intended

Required by law or rules; compulsory: “wearing helmets is mandatory”.
Of or conveying a command: “he did not want the guidelines to be mandatory”.
compulsory – obligatory – binding – imperative

SCVA’s Qualifiers get teams set for the MANDATORIES. A set of tournaments where 3 rounds of pool play is followed by elimination bracket play. For me it all comes down to whether you are competing in a top or bottom bracket but either way winners of mandatories enjoy a full day of volleyball. In Qualifiers teams build momentum and establish position for seeding in SCVA’s mandatories. That said, Qualifier 3 offered one pool of play I didn’t want to miss: TCA HB 14-Black, Tstreet 14-Carson, Prime 14-Third Degree and Golden West 14-Asics; four perennially powerful teams.

With thanks: Kimberly Maurel TCA HB 14-Black

TCA’s 14s swept their three matches in 2 games taking Prime-14 25/16 25 /14, Golden West-14 Asics 25/18 25/17 and T-Street 14-Carson 25/15 25/17. With a combination of a few returning but mostly new players TCA established its position as one of the top 32 teams in SCVA’s Gold Division 1. With their goal of earning a bid to the 2013 Junior National Championships I’d make sure (me, the publisher of this website) you stop by and watch TCA HB 14-Black’s court. You’re sure to see some good games. I’ve seen Hannah and Robbie play on the beach and they’re that good 🙂 (publisher’s note). Coaches Dan Gwitt and Brian Ehlers have a very good team on their hands.

TCA HB 14-Black at ASC.

TCA HB 14-Black at ASC.


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