2013 SCVA Las Vegas Classic 18s

Tstreet 18-Dan #16 Tia Scambray Pipe Kill

Tstreet 18-Dan #16 Tia Scambray Pipe Kill

With thanks: Jimmy Hodson at The 27th Annual SCVA Las Vegas Classic.

I like to think, “If you go through life and don’t end up a character you really haven’t lived life yet.” Day 1 of the Las Vegas Classic saw Tstreet 18-Dan, arguably the nation’s #1 18s team and seeded 15th, demonstrate that they are in fact, characters. The 27th Annual SCVA Las Vegas Classic is the year’s second largest college recruiting tournament for 17s and 18s with a showcase and over 900 college coaches attending. College coaches scout 17s for their next recruiting class and watch 18s to, as I like to think, make sure they get their scholarship dollar’s worth.

Living life large Tstreet Dan & Company posted the day’s highest point differential to capture the tournament’s 18-Open Division # 1 seed after the first round pool play.  Tstreet’s 2.11 point ratio edged TAV 18-Black’s (Texas Advantage) 2.05.  With many teams sweeping their pools 3-0 in matches and 6-0 in sets, the point spread became the theme for the day’s tie breakers while Tstreet 18-Dan took everyone in two.

Day 1 opened with tournament 1-seed San Diego’s WAVE 18-Brent losing their first set of the day, but not the match. The dropped game was enough to re-seed WAVE 21st for round 2 Sunday. Well respected Laguna Beach MS 18-1 overcame an initial 36-seed and is now the #6 seed for round 2.  Despite key players with injuries Tstreet 18 Dan concluded Day 1 besting Idaho’s Club Canyon Black 18-1, Northern California’s NCVC Black 18-2 and Vancouver’s BCO 18U Elite.
In Sunday’s round 2 Tstreet 18-Dan swept Oregon NW 18 Air Elite (CE) (Seed 41) 25-11, 25-14,  Absolute Black 18-1 (NC) (Seed 80) 25-10, 25-7, and Central Cal Gold 18-1 (NC) (Seed 40) 25-19, 25-14, (all in 2) to enter the challenge and gold brackets. At this moment Tstreet 18-Dan is playing Rancho Valley 18-Premier in Match 2 of the Challenge Bracket. That game started at 7:30PM Sunday night. Rancho Valley 18-Premier defeated 33-seed TEAM Hiki No 18-1 in 3 19-25, 25-17, 15-9 to play Tstreet. Tstreet’s cast of characters should stay the course.
Tstreet 18-Dan #3 Hayley Hodson kills.

Tstreet 18-Dan #3 Hayley Hodson kills.


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