The Eight Successful Work Habits

THe Eight SUCCESSFUL WORK HABITSWork habits are important wherever performance is measured – business and sports. In business I learned 8 successful work habits that any athlete can employ. The trick is to learn to employ all eight work habits daily because if anything ever goes wrong it is because YOU did not employ one or more of “The Eight’s” that day. For example, if I wanted to get better at something I needed to do I would speak with the people who were already doing it better than me. That’s called “Working your territory properly” and it’s probably one of the most intimidating aspects of getting better because you are afraid of entering someone else’s territorial space. But when you do, believe me. They’ll be more than happy to share what they know, AND, you’ll make a new friend.

The Eight Successful Work Habits go by an anachronym, “AA, BB, WW, K & C.”

  1. Have a great ATTITUDE
  2. Maintain a great ATTITUDE
  3. BE on time
  4. BE prepared
  5. WORK a full day
  6. WORK your territory properly
  7. K is “KNOW where you are and KNOW where you are going
  8. C is “Take CONTROL

The Eight Successful Work Habits explained.

HAVE A GREAT ATTITUDE It’s easy to have a great attitude. Most people wake up with one or take having a great attitude for granted never realizing just how much work having a great attitude can really be. That’s where MAINTAIN A GREAT ATTITUDE comes in. Try maintaining a great attitude after life, or a game, or a play sends you a few negatives. (Get the descending order of importance? So don’t blow things out of proportion!) Will you rise to the occasion and have a great attitude or will you succumb, fold and fail unable to maintain a great attitude? (Success here will keep you off emotional roller coasters that can stop a team from pulling together) Now most people think this is rubbish, “Yeah, yeah I know” … “have a great attitude” but believe me, the two ARE NOT the same.

BE ON TIME means, “If you’re not early you’re late.” If practice is at 5:30 and your team shows up at 5 to stretch and warm up YOU be there at 4:59.

BE PREPARED is not just the Boy Scout’s motto. Are you prepared if you did you not finish studying for a test? Are you prepared if you create or participate in some debilitating she-said-he-said drama with a team mate or school friend? Are you prepared if  your homework is not turned in? Are you prepared if your practice clothes and game uniforms are dirty? Did you forget the right practice shirt? Did your mom not pack your knee pads? (BTW – that’s your job not hers) Don’t bring this mental baggage to practice. If you do YOU ARE NOT PREPARED to give your team 110%, or yourself an even chance of success. And that’s not fair to you, or the team.

WORK A FULL DAY. My favorite. They say, “average has gotten so bad in America that most people figure they can go to the head of the class just by showing up.” NOT true. You can’t go to the head of the class just by showing up. They say, “the average US worker actually only works 3.8 hours out of every 8 hour day.” If you put all the 15 minutes together that you waste everyday you’ll actually gain a couple of extra hours a day to do something that needs to get done!

WORK YOUR TERRITORY PROPERLY. If you want to get better at something go speak with the people in your organization who are already doing it better than you. They’ll be happy to share and you’ll save a lot of wear and tear!

K: KNOW WHERE YOU ARE AND KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING answers the question, “Why am I doing this?”

C: TAKE CONTROL. The Nike Step: “Just DO IT!” None of this is rocket science.

And if ever you are not successful, at anything, it will be because you did not employ one or more of these eight steps successfully. That’s not bad. It’s a blessing in disquise because now that you know it you can work on making these muscles stronger to employ the eight successful work habits more effectively NEXT TIME. Remember, proficiency in this or ANYTHING ELSE does not happen in a day. IT HAPPENS DAILY. That’s why we call it PRACTICE!!!


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