2013 SCVA Qualifier 2 Finally Tests First Top 10 14s RVVC 14-Premier vs Tstreet 14-Mike

2013 Tstreet 14-Mike players Cardoza, Call and LawsonWith 2013’s first SCVA 14s qualifier completed and no surprise upsets among the top 16 teams in the top 2 gold divisions SCVA’s Qualifier 2 promised that at least two teams would see their first real test: 8th ranked 1 seed RVVC 14-Premier and 9th ranked 2 seed Tstreet 14-Mike in the same pool. The two teams met with their SCVA Gold Division first place aspirations in a pool dogfight Saturday at ASC. The 411: Tstreet OH Lexie Cardoza (#15) was to wear RVVC’s uniform but traded that for a 2013 Tstreet uniform this year. Consequently, the match was more interesting for everyone involved with Tstreet 14-Mike prevailing in a 3-game nail biter 31-29, 16-25, 15-9. Tstreet trailed game 1 most of way. It was never more than a 1 or a 2 point game. Tied at 29-29 Tstreet’s Maddy Pope (#7) served and RVVC bobbled. (score 30-29 Tstreet below) Without delay Pope provided a quick service ace on the referee’s whistle to ice the game for Tstreet 31-29. Smart. Switching benches for game two parents from both teams seemed physically and emotionally drained unable to muster a smile for a well fought battle. In game 2 Tstreet led RVVC  by 6 but RVVC went on an 11 point run to win 25-16. When all was said and done Tstreet took game 3 15-9 to advance in this week’s SCVA Top 10 rankings. But not without drama. Tstreet trailed RVVC 9-11 and things looked to be going RVVC’s way when a Tstreet 14-Mike 6 point run beat RVVC to the finish line. Consider them now tested. Fine teams. We’ll have to see how all the other SCVA Top 16 D1 and D2 Gold teams finished. But it looks like no other Top 10 14s will meet to compete in SCVA’s first 3 qualifiers. Stay tuned for the mandatories. In my opinion college coaches not tracking SCVA’s class of 2017 Top 14s are behind the curve. They’re that good.SCVA Qual 2 Game 1 2013 Tstreet 14-Mike vs. RVVC 14-Premier Game 1 Score


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