Tstreet 15-Chris Takes 2013 Arizona Volleyball Festival Fiesta MLK Kickoff 16s Gold Medal

2013 Volleyball Festival Fiesta MLK KickoffThe 2013 Arizona Volleyball Festival Fiesta MLK Kickoff was a 16s and 18s tournament January 19-21 at Arizona State University. Yet, feisty 15’s ruled the day with Tstreet 15-Chris taking gold against Laguna Beach 15-Kevin in the 16 Open division. (Tstreet Coaches Chris “Wizard” Whiting and Richelle Whiting; Laguna Beach Coach Kevin Hodge) The two teams had met in a crossover earlier in the tournament. Laguna Beach took Tstreet to a three game nail biter – But Tstreet won that third set 15-13. The two teams met again in the tournament’s 16 Open Gold Medal match. This time Tstreet had Laguna Beach’s number.  Tstreet 15-Chris defeated Laguna Beach 15-Kevin in two 25-15, 25-11.

Tstreet 15-Chris is a cast of returning and new players to Tstreet’s 2012 Tstreet 14-Mike team who took the silver medal versus Club West in 2012’s Columbus USAV Open Division Junior National Championships in Columbus, OH. The experience showed. In Phoenix this weekend Tstreet dropped only 2 of 22 sets during the tournament. (That Club West team did not remain together sending its players to 15s and 16s teams for 2013)

On the way to the gold medal Tstreet 15-Chris played amazingly clean volleyball, serving tough and demonstrating great ball control to defeat the top ranked Spiral 16s and Aspire 15s in the tournament. In another nail biter against an up-to-that-moment undefeated Dinamo 16s Tstreet dropped its first set 25-17 due to Dinamo’s extra fast offense. Tstreet was again down 22-17 in the second set but came back to win 25-22 on tough serves, excellent passing and cannon-ball hitting from all corners of the court. Tstreet swept Dinamo in the third set 15-8. In spectator’s eyes the 16s finals featuring two top 15s teams was a real treat – and with the game ending at 5:10 most of the girls rushed to catch a 5:50 pm flight back to Southern California.

In 18-Open Arizona’s Spiral 18 Black defeated Spiral 17 Black in two 25-15, 25-16. Complete Fiesta MLK Kickoff 2013 results are here.


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