Spoiler Alert Tstreet 14-Mike 2013 SCVA Debut

DSCN1773Tstreet Volleyball Club’s 2012 14-Mike team finished first in the SCVA (Southern California Volleyball Association) and took the Open Division’s silver medal at the 2012 USAV Junior National Championships in Columbus. It helps to have great players and coaches so naturally I wanted to ask Tstreet returning coaches Mike Murphy and Traci Weamer about 2013’s 14-Mike team. Then I thought “nah” they’ve got enough to do and big shoes to fill so I’ll just stay out of their way. Let’s watch!

The 2013 edition of Tstreet 14-Mike debuts today, January 5, 8AM, seeded #1 in Division 1 against #2 seed New Wave 14 – Platinum, #3 seed SG Elite  13 – Roshambo and #4 seed Culver 14 – Eric at the Next Level Sports Complex 12821 Knott Street, Garden Grove, CA (714) 230-0706. Good luck to everyone. We’ll be there. Here’s a link to the team roster page. Scroll down to 14-Mike on the Tstreet website.


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